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If you have already completed the first edition of the quiz, you can now play the second one. In the impossible quiz 2 you will discover absolutely new and unique questions on many different fields. The one thing that is the same is form of questions - all of them are created in a funny way to make you hit the wrong answer. The best way to succeed in the impossible quiz 2 is to think outside the box and think twice before hitting the answer. Have fun playing the 2nd edition of the game.

About About The Impossible Quiz 2

The game is continuation of the first part, but all the questions are new. There is also one feature that you should be aware of - the time bomb questions. This type of questions have limited time, if you fail to give the right answer on time, you will loose.


Another feature that you will enjoy is the Skip button. You have 3 skips and if you are not sure which answer to choose, just press the skip button to move to the next question.