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In fact, the third version of the game is called The Impossible Quiz Book, but most of people call it The Impossible Quiz 3. The mission of the player is the same - give answers for the questions and complete the quiz. Now, the questions are more difficult, some of them have graphics and need your interaction with objects to reveal answer. The Impossible Quiz 3 is the most difficult and at the same most addictive version of the game series. Now you have ability to play the impossible quiz 3 for free at our website.

About About The Impossible Quiz 3

In the impossible quiz 3 you will notice even more time questions than in previous edition of the game. In some of them you will have to click all objects in limited time, while in others just give the right answer. All actions in the game are made using mouse.


The Impossible Quiz 3 features 100 questions, but hardly any person can complete all of them. No matter how smart you are, you must put your mind into a mixture of funny and at the same time seious state to give right answers.